Government committed to link Zambia with good roads

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Government committed to link Zambia with good roads


Kaoma, May 11, ZANIS ——– Government has reaffirmed its commitment to improving the road network in Zambia in order to link all parts in the country.   


Western Provincial Minister, Obvious Mwaliteta said this during his first familiarization tour of Lukulu district on the spot check of the 78 kms Mongu – Mbanga – Lukulu road today.


Mr Mwaliteta also expressed satisfaction on works so far done by the Rural Roads Unit (RRU) on Lukulu – Katunda road in terms of grading and spot improvements of bad portions on the road.


RRU was ordered to move to Katunda – Lukulu road towards the end of the rain season when the road was in a very bad shape.


RRU Roads Engineer Freddy Phiri explained to the Minister that the 78 km Mongu – Lukulu road via Mbanga will have all the three culverts and three drifters worked on in the preparation of the link Zambia 2015 adding that in 2014 a feasibility study will be done.


Mr Phiri said that as soon as the Mongu – Lukulu road via Mbanga road is completed, it will be shorter to get to Lukulu than using the Mongu – Katunda – Lukulu road that covers over 300kms and cost government huge sums of money.


He said the construction of culverts and drifters along Mongu – Mbanga road to Lukulu under the poverty reduction programme supervised by the Western provincial administration will cost government KR175 million.


Mr Phiri said Kaoma – Kasempa, Katunda – Lukulu via Watopa to Mumbeji and Mongu – Mbanga roads respectively will be constructed under the link Zambia 8000 road projects.