Chief Mutondo sues Naliele BRE

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Chief Mutondo sues Naliele BRE


Kaoma, May 11, ZANIS ——— Chief Mutondo in Kaoma district has sued the Barotse Royal Establishment of Naliele palace to determine whether the palace (Naliele) should continue existing in his chiefdom.


He lamented that he was fade up with the Barotse Royal Establishment of Naliele palace’s interference with the management of land matters in his chiefdom.


Chief Mutondo raised a concern when Provincial Minister, Obvious Mwaliteta paid a courtesy call on him at his Lukena palace today.


In his complaint, he stated that he did appoint a representative for his palace in the newly created Luampa district, an appointment which is being challenged by the BRE as illegal.


Chief Mutondo complained that when he sent his emissaries to see the Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba in Mongu over the matter, he was advised to suspend the appointment much to his disappointment. 


Chief Mutondo on April 11, 2013 installed Chief Munyikwa Lushato Matanda at a meeting held to establish land for the district administration in Luampa district.



  1. In understanding Barotseland issues, it is extremely important to include ALL tribes not just the Lozi's. There are Nkoyas, Luvales, Chokwes, Mbundas, Luchazis, Makomakoma, Subiyas, Mambowe, etc and they all have a constitutional right to be heard. The Barotseland secessionists appear to be a group of disgruntled persons who are unemployed and seek ways to become important. If you look at their so called cabinet line up, there is not even 1 woman – indication of a mens only club. One sure way to defeat this whole secessionist idea is to hold a referendum. A few people cannot and should be allowed to trample on the freedoms and rights of the majority.