Levy Mwanawasa Hospital displays emergence response drill

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The Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital in Lusaka today displayed an emergency response drill with health personnel at the institution showing their tactics used in urgent situations.


A road traffic accident scenario was used in the drill where three cars collided with a fire fighting engine on standby while two ambulances which were sounding their sirens ferried accident victims to the hospital.


At the hospital, the drill continued in which Doctors and support staff displayed their response in an emergency.


Levy Mwanawasa Hospital Acting Public Relations Officer (PRO) Mulenga Mbewe explained that the drill represented measures the institution had put in place for an effective response to emergency cases.


Ms. Mbewe said the hospital was committed to dealing with emergencies when they occur and has since embarked on training its personnel for such cases.


She said this after an emergency drill was conducted at the hospital by the emergency rescue team in partnership with partners for life, a five member team from America made up of a physician, two disaster specialised nurses and two paramedics.


Ms. Mbewe said the drill will immensely benefit the hospital with vital response skills especially during road traffic accidents.


And Partners for Life Paramedic Anthony Bucher said the drill exercise was crucial for the hospital to understand practical aspects of responding to an emergency.


Mr. Bucher was impressed with the training of about 40 medical personnel at Levy Mwanawasa Hospital who will be better equipped to spot potential dangers during mass casualties.


He commended government and stakeholders for their efforts aimed at improving health care in Zambia.


Partners for Life and Levy General Hospital have partnered to train medical personnel at the hospital in several life saving techniques.


Among these techniques are triage evaluation skills during mass casualty, airway management and team work.