Elephants destroys crops in Ingombe Ilede

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–Elephants have destroyed over ten fields of finger millet in Ingombe Ilede area of Siavonga in Southern province.

The jumbos are believed to have crossed from the neighbouring Zimbabwe through the Zambezi river into Zambia.

The stray elephants savagely destroyed millet fields leaving owners with nothing to harvest.

According to Siavonga PF losing candidate Lovemore Kanyama the wild elephants crossed into Zambia around fifteen hours and pounced on finger millet fields today.

Mr Kanyama told ZANIS that the farmers watched hopelessly as the jumbos destroyed their fields.

He complained that Zambia Wild life Authority (ZAWA) failed to come to the rescue of the locals despite contacting them.

Mr Kanyama questioned the role of ZAWA if the institution cannot protect hopeless farmers against the vicious beats that have been terrorizing the area.

He said the destruction caused by the elephants will worsen the hunger situation in the district.

Mr Kanyama said the district did not receive adequate rains resulting in poor yields of croup production.

He has since appealed to government to fire ZAWA officers currently operating in Chirundu as they have failed the people of Siavonga.