Clergyman calls for spiritual counselling of gay couple

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A Ndola based clergyman has said there is need for the church to pray and offer spiritual counselling to the Kapiri Mposhi gay couple.

 Pastor Jimmy Simukonda of Hope Ministries in Lubuto Township said this in an interview with ZANIS in Ndola today.

Pastor Simukonda said the young people, James Mwape and Philip Mubiana both aged 21 needed to be taken for spiritual deliverance.

 He said any act against God’s intention for man and woman was sinful and should be viewed as such.

“What they have engaged in is against God’s intention for man and woman therefore it is sin and it should be viewed as such and those two need to be cleansed of their sins that is what the bible says,” he said.

He however said being jeered and mocked by the public would not help the situation but that what the two needed was to be taken for deliverance so that the devil could cease to use them.

 “One thing that will not help the two young people is to jeer at them, mock them or even insult them because the devil is using them and what they need is deliverance and to be shown love that is what is important,” he noted.

 Police in Kapiri Mposhi over the weekend arrested James Mwape and Philip Mubiana both residents of Ndeke Compound in Kapiri Mposhi for engaging in Homosexuality.

The two were arrested after a tip-off from some members of the public that they were engaged in homosexuality.

According to a tip-off from members of the public, the two had been living together as man and wife in Ndeke area.

Central Province Commissioner of Police Standwell Lungu said medical tests conducted on the two proved that they had been having sex against the order of nature.

The Police Commissioner said Philip had been acting as wife while James as man in the relationship which he said had existed for some time.

Meanwhile, Police had to revoke police bond granted earlier for the two men arrested after they were found engaging in “unnatural” sexual acts again.

Mr Lungu explained that police had to revoke police bond which was granted earlier and re-arrested the two men for again engaging in the act which they were arrested on in the first place.

He said the two will remain in custody until they appear in court.

He said the couple was discovered in the act and was apprehended by their relatives in Ndeke Compound.

Kabwe-based Principal Resident Magistrate John Mbuzi set May 22, 2013 as date for commencement of trial after the two pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The two are reminded in custody.