Water Resources Management Authority Board to be formed

An unsafe water source in Zambia.
An unsafe water source in Zambia.
An unsafe water source in Zambia.

GOVERNMENT to form new water institutions including the water resources management authority to regulate water resources says energy minister Yamfwa Mukanga.

Energy minister Yamfwa Mukanga the formation of new water institutions and the water resources management authority board will improve efficiency, sustainability and equitable utilization of water resources, he   said this during the three days SADC water resources technical committee meeting today at the intercontinental hotel.

He said although the region boasts of abundant water, most it is unevenly distributed across the region resulting in some parts exhibiting elements of being water stressed and is worsened by the fact that only 5 percent of renewable water is stored.

“The challenge is how do we stare, infrastructure developmental projects need to be increased and encouraged, we are all aware that out of a SADC population of 260 million people 60 percent have access to safe drinking water and 40 percent have access to good sanitation, let us come up with solutions and initiatives that will help minimize the adverse impact of lack of water and sanitation on people’s lives,” urged Mukanga.

Mukanga expressed gratitude for the Maseru investment conference Batoka Gorge hydropower scheme between Zambia and Zimbabwe were one of the priority projects, the project is expected to construct 6000 Boreholes and rehabilitate 3500 Boreholes and wells by 2015.