PF embarks on political, civic education programme

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–The Patriotic Front (PF) party has embarked on a robust political and civic education programme of educating its district committee party officials across the country.

Deputy Minister of Justice, Ngosa Simbyakula, disclosed the first ever programme when he officially opened a Chongwe, Luangwa and Rufunsa district committee members workshop at Graka Lodge in Chongwe today.

ZANIS reports that Dr Simbyakula said the workshop for branch party officials is an important venture which is going to make the party continue to grow in membership recruitment drive even before the 2016 general elections.

Dr Simbyakula stated that the programme has been formulated for leaders at the grass root level not only in Chongwe, Rufunsa and Luangwa but the rest of the constituencies throughout the country.

He said there is no doubt that the programme will make members from other political parties get interested in the PF which is also the ruling party in the nation.

He also noted that these workshops will make PF leaders at branch and constituency levels more effective as they will be more knowledgeable on how to recruit members as well as understanding how the whole party is organised in general.

The Deputy Minister highlighted that leaders in politics need to be effective in the manner they organise the grassroots because more electorates are found at the lower levels in a given area.

Dr Simbyakula added that party officials at grassroot levels play an important role in the party because it is such people who always mingle with the electorates.

He further stressed that it is paramount for branch leaders to know the history, administration and disciplinary code structures of the party, adding that without such knowledge, no positive results can be yielded for the party.

Dr Simblyakula stated that without such skills, some members unknowing resort to forming parallel structures which he said breed confusion which is not necessary in the party.

The Deputy Minister also emphasised that discipline is an important component in any given organisation be it a political party or an entity which is run by human beings.

And Dr Simbyakula has reiterated that the PF Government is in a hurry to fulfill the promises the party made to the Zambian people prior to 2011 general elections.

Dr Simbyakula said this is the reason President Micheal Sata is busy and on schedule to launch various developmental programmes such as the 8000 Link Zambia project.

He also named the building of some health centres, schools, universities and many other infrastructural developments throughout the country as positive strides government is making in a bid to develop Zambia.

Meanwhile, Dr Simbyakula has revealed that the PF Party is in the process of paying all the election agents who participated during the 2011 general elections.

Dr Simbyakula disclosed that the party decided to start paying election agents in areas where the party did not perform well during the 2011 general elections stating that the process will be spread to all the provinces in the country.

He said the election agents played an important role during the 2011 elections and as such, cannot be over looked by the party.

Dr Simbyakula said the party started paying election Agents from North –Western province before rolling the programme to all the provinces in the country.

He assured all those who have not yet received their monies to remain calm as the party is doing everything possible to pay all its election agents.