Munkombwe thanks SDA for not being political

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—-Southern Province Minister, Daniel Munkombwe, has thanked the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church for not engaging itself into any form of confrontation with government.

Mr Munkombwe says the SDA church has not only been genuine and supportive to government development efforts but is also not among religious organisations causing unnecessary tension with government.

The minister observes that some religious bodies are involved in distorting the churches’ role, describing this as most unfortunate.

Mr Munkombwe also charged some churches have become a danger to God’s people.

He was speaking in Banakaila area of chief Choongo’s area in the Kafue plains of Monze district when he addressed member s of the SDA church.

Mr Munkombwe said the SDA church in Banakaila area is falling apart and yet some opposition politicians who claim to champion the cause of the local people are failing to assist in rebuilding the structure.

The minister, who donated funds for the urgent repair of the church building, cautioned the church members in Bweengwa Constituency to be wary of particular opposition politicians who are bent on misleading the people.

And chief Choongo’s representative, Tyson Hamaamba, said Mr Munkombwe is the first government minister to reach the Banakaila area in the flood plains because of its remote location and poor access roads.

Mr Hamaamba said people in the area are grateful to President Michael Sata for appointing a minister who is able to reach out to far-flung and neglected areas in order to better understand the problems afflicting the local people.

At the same occasion, a representative of women, Pedier Noole, paid glowing tribute to President Sata for recognizing the important role women play in the governance of this country.

Ms Noole said women in the area are happy with the PF government for empowering women economically.