Yaluma distributes goods to thank voters

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—Malole Member of Parliament, Christopher Yaluma, today held a series of meetings and distributed assorted goods to people in his constituency as a way of appreciating them for having voted for the Patriotic Front (PF) in the 2011 general elections.

And Mr Yaluma has reaffirmed Government’s commitment to
developing the country by constructing roads, schools, health centres
and sinking boreholes and many other infrastructures countrywide as
per PF pledges during the campaigns.

Speaking at various gatherings in Malole Constituency, Mr Yaluma said
the PF government started re-building the country immediately
after winning the 2011 elections, saying a number of projects have
since been launched in almost all constituencies.

Mr Yaluma, who is also Transport, Works, Supply and Communications
Minister, said his government has already embarked on countrywide road
construction, citing the Mbala-Nakonde road, Kasama-Mporokoso road,
Kasama-Mbesuma road and the bridge, and the construction of schools
and health centres in his constituency as some of the projects that
have taken off.

The MP noted that the PF made a number of promises to the people
and has since started fulfilling them, adding that by 2016, the party
will be judged based on its performance.

He commended the people of Malole for giving their votes to the PF,
saying his government will ensure that it delivers according to the
people’s expectations.

He said President Michael Sata is grateful to the people of Malole for
believing in the PF party and its various candidates.

Among the things Mr Yaluma has distributed were chitenge material and
blankets to the women and men, and beddings to some health centres plus
a fridge to St Joseph Basic School tuck shop.

The minister started the tour of his constituency yesterday and is
expected to wind up after handing over hammer mills to women
clubs under the Women Empowerment Programme which is being implemented
by the Ministry of Gender and Child Development.

During his tour of the constituency, the minister has been encouraging
Women and Youth to form clubs in order to access funds while men have
also been urged to apply for the Citizens Economic Empowerment Funds
which is being administered by the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry.

Meanwhile the people of Malole in various wards have commended Mr
Yalume and the Patriotic Front Government for embarking on various
developmental projects that include road constructions and
infrastructural development in the constituency.

A representative for the Natubombelepamo Women Club of Henry Kapata
village, Makaliyo Katanda, noted that people in the area are facing
numerous challenges but quickly noted that the PF government is on
course to address them going by their performance in few years the party has
  been in power.

Mr Katanda stated that even though some developmental projects have
kicked off, there is need to ensure that the Constituency Development
Funds reach people in all wards.

He said the people have not been updated on how the CDF has been
utilized which he said have raised concerns among the villagers.

But in response, the minister told the gatherings that the council met
recently and agreed to call auditors to audit the usage of CDF in the

He said government will not allow mismanagement of public resources as
it has a huge responsibility of rebuilding the country, hence
the need to use all resources prudently.