Kabimba urges civil servants to direct the country’s programs

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—-Justice Minister, Winter Kabimba, has urged civil servants to endeavour to be part of the team of men and women directing social and economic programs of the country.

Speaking in Lusaka last evening when he officiated at the 2013 Labour Day award presentation ceremony for Public Service Commission workers, Mr Kabimba said civil servants play a pivotal role in driving national programmes.

He implored civil servants to embrace development and remain committed to duty, despite their political affiliation as they are key factors in enhancing national economic growth.

He noted that with a positive attitude towards work among public workers, Zambia can improve its economy given the rich natural resources the country possesses.

Mr Kabimba, who is also Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General, said it is time Zambia graduated from its dependency on donor aid, stating that it is embarrassing for small countries to provide aid to Zambia.

He said Zambia’s economic emancipation can only be achieved through hard work and sacrifice by government workers who should remain assertive to transforming the economy.

The Labour Day celebrations saw PSC workers being awarded for their commitment to service in three categories that include most hard working , most honest and the most improved employees as well as the awarding of past PSC members and commissioners.

In attendance was the Secretary to the Cabined, Rowland Msiska, his deputy, PSCV Commissioner, Beatrice Nyirongo and former commissioners among others.