Govt supported for improving people’s lives

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—-Forum for AGE Justice International President, Phillimon Phiri, says his organisation will support government’s efforts in areas of financial adjustments that will improve social, economic and infrastructural development.

Mr Phiri added that the organisation will also support the Patriotic Front (PF) government in its promotion and protection of human rights as enshrined in Magma Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

He said this in a statement availed to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Mr Phiri, however, expressed concerned over the removal of subsidies on petroleum products with the aim of enabling the State to have more finances available for spending and guarantee proper implementation of all government programmes and projects.

He noted that subsidies are a social necessity in the third world countries whose poverty situation still bears an impact in most of people’s lives.

Mr Phiri further said subsidies are among other things that enable the society to attain the three basic human needs which include the right to food, shelter and clothing.

He stated that as much as his organisation acknowledges the PF pronouncements on removing subsidies on petroleum products in order to supplement development, it also recognises the human needs of Zambian poor people and corporate responsiveness on issues that tamper with basic human rights and needs.