NAPSA urges employers to comply with the law

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NAPSA urges employers to comply with the law

Samfya, May 3, ZANIS ——-The National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) has urged employers and its members in Luapula Province to comply with the NAPSA Act by registering and being consistent in remitting their monthly contributions for the scheme.

Speaking during a sensitization meeting for NAPSA clients at Kwacha water front in Samfya NAPSA Area Manager for Luapula Birkingstone Miswalo disclosed that only 10 percent is charged from an employee of which five percent is taken from the employer and the other five percent is supposed to be taken from the employee.

Mr Miswalo said that it is saddening how employees are being taken advantage of by some of their employers who are not registering them with the scheme while other employers who have registered their employees are getting the whole of 10 percent from the employees when they know what is required of them.

He cited how maids and garden boys have been disadvantaged in this regard due to the lower income and instabilities owing to the nature of jobs.

And Mr Nenji Maimbi and Mr Christopher Msoni both NAPSA staffers explained that the scheme which was established by an act of parliament in 2000 to replace the Zambia National Provident Fund (ZNPF) is a contributory define benefit scheme providing retirement, invalidity, survivors benefits and a funeral benefit.

Mr Msoni said the institution does not just collect the revenue but also runs vibrant corporate Social Responsibility programs such as Sponsorship of NAPSA Stars Football club, formerly Profound Warriors, which is an active competitor in the Zambia Football Premier League.

He said the NAPSA also participates in sponsoring various traditional ceremonies  across Zambia such as the Kuomboka, Mutomboko, Ncwala ceremonies, and that it has previously supported a number of organizations such as Musa -maria Wabwino Orphanage, Cheshire Homes Shelter for the aged, Mother Theresa Hospital, Kalingalinga Hospice among others.

Close to 100 people drawn from Business houses, Non Governmental Organizations and civil servants from various departments attended the workshop including the clergy and private institutions.

Mr Msoni expressed happiness over the feedback from invited clients in attendance saying the participation level was an indication of positive response people have pertaining to issues relating to future planning and interact to air their grievances or fears over pension matters.

The NAPSA provincial representatives told the gathering that it does not matter how long the employee stays but that an employer needs is register the employee so that the law find them in default and consequently be prosecuted.               

A Mr Phiri who is a shop owner expressed surprise that even small traders like him were not exempt from the NAPSA Act in conforming to their dictates for his workers.