Essa itching to win Zambia rally

Mohammed Essa
Mohammed Essa
Mohammed Essa

AFRICA RALLY Championship (ARC) champion Mohammed Essa says a win in the Zambia International Rally on May 17 – 19th will give him a cause to fight for the title.
Mohammed said in an interview from South Africa yesterday that he needed to win the Zambia rally if he is to remain in the race for the Africa title.
He said a win would also be a morale booster, having crushed out Sasol Rally in South Africa a fortnight ago.  Essa was forced out of the race after his Subaru Impreza N11 caught fire.
The Sasol Rally was the second in the series of the ARC Championship.
Essa also missed the first stage held in Ivory Coast early this year.
The ARC has seven stages, the Zambia International Rally being the third and scheduled for May 17 – 19th  in Chisamba.
“We are preparing for next weekend’s rally and a win will surely give us morale and a cause to go all the way,” he said.
Essa said he is still in South Africa awaiting a new vehicle from the United Kingdom.
He said the Subaru Impreza N16 is expected to arrive on Saturday