MMD self destruction mode

MMD cadres sing outside DEC

It is interesting for me who was expelled from MMD NEC to hear Kachingwe, Namugala and Nyagu voicing my very concerns in 2011 two years later!! After attending training in South Africa on how to manage political parties, I wrote to Kachingwe asking that NEC consider three items for discussion.

1. To apologise to the MMD members for misleading them in the 2011 elections.

2. For all NEC members to resign and to have an extraordinary convention and elect new office bearers.

3. To remove the sole dependency of party funds on the Party President which was encouraging a situation of bootlickers and patronage not health for the party. To relook the party constitution and ensure it was relevant to MMD’s current needs.

The same day I sent the letter, I was put on suspension for illegally inciting anarchy and a month later expelled (though to date I have never received my expulsion letter!!) Now to hear Kachingwe, Namugala and Nyangu voicing my same concerns TWO full years later is a JOKE. The real reason for their complaints is that they no longer “eat at the table” of the inner circle of Nevers Mumba as they did under RB. Their cries are purely about selfishness to continue receiving funds pretending to be the best supporters of MMD, and yet the real true MMD supporters are the grassroots who receive nothing.