Lusaka Voice Interview with Upcoming Artist Jemah B

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Upcoming Artist Jemah B Artist Jemah B by

ON a scotching sunny day carrying out my duties I thought to myself as work let me have a glass of juice at Mandahill, as I was debating on which spot I should have my juice from I caught up with the most happening upcoming artist who’s all over twitter, Facebook and YouTube for the popular hit songs Vibe nichizungu and Brain twister, Jemah B.

As usual I have to do my job, and so I told myself I should get every detail behind the songs and the man behind the voice, after the greetings and introductions I managed to get him talking and this is what he had to say about himself…

So Jemah tell me about yourself, who is Jemah B?

Well I can only explain myself as a simple guy who is the 3rd born in family of four two sisters and a young brother born from Mr and Mrs Banda who are both late, am person who has grown up with my uncle and he is the one who has seen me through school until now that am independent.

How did you get the name Jemah B?

Jemah comes from my real name James and the B comes bougie meaning high class, and the reason why I adopted this name is because I wanted to forget about my first girlfriend who left for Australia some years back.

When did you start making music?

I started making music when I was in my seventh grade that time I was 13 years old, that time I wrote my first song though it wasn’t popular, I just used to sing it when am with my friends.

What made want to take up music seriously?

Lusaka Voice Interview with Upcoming Artist Jemah B
Lusaka Voice Interview with Upcoming Artist Jemah B

I have always done music behind the scene, performed here and there in 2008 I released my first single ‘Sinifuna Kuyenda’ meaning I don’t want to leave, I wasn’t too serious with the song because I was only trying out how I would sound on a microphone, in 2011 I did the first video for brain twister and I was surprised how it grabbed attention and this year i released an album titled Okondewa which is currently receiving massive support even before i officially launch it some time this year.

And mostly I used to listen to boys II men which at one point led me in trouble with my aunt, because she thought I was too young for such songs then

 For those who have not heard your music, describe your style /sound in 2 words.
Mature and unique

Do you have a main theme to your music or do you cover various topics 
my music is mainly about love and real life situations, for instance vibe nichizungu is from a situation that I witnessed from my hood where the guy was approaching a girl in Nyanja and the girl felt degraded and turned down the guy’s proposal.

Lusaka Voice Interview with Upcoming Artist Jemah B
Lusaka Voice Interview with Upcoming Artist Jemah B

Tell us about your song “Brain Twister” What was the inspiration behind it, how did it come about.

Basically the song talks about a beautiful girl, who is ever on a guy’s mind, no hidden meaning behind it.

Which 3 Zambian artists would you most want to work with and why
I would want to work with B-flow, Kmillian, and Judy because I love their creativity in music.

Apart from music what other activities do you take part in?
I am a computer specialist working with my uncle in a construction firm,

Just for the record I studied Computer studies at Evelyn Hone College.

What makes you stand out from other artists?
I believe in getting ideas together and heed to people’s advices.

Is there anything your fans will be surprised to know about you?

I love PK Chishala’s music and I happen to have almost all of his tapes and Cds which is rare in this day and twenty first century.