DACOs urged to prepare for agro shows

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–Eastern Province Agricultural Coordinator (PACO), Obvious Kabinda, has urged District Agriculture Coordinators (DACOs) in the region to start preparing for District Agricultural Shows which are usually held in June every year.

Dr Kabinda said there was need for DACO’s to start the preparations for district agro expos in readiness for the national agriculture show which was scheduled for August in Lusaka.

Dr Kabinda was speaking at a Pioneer-FISP Best Farmer’s competition and new Hybrid Launch in Chipata over the weekend.

He stated that it was important that farmers were encouraged to put aside their best crops to be exhibited at shows in readiness for the national agriculture show to maintain the lead.

He said Eastern Province was first because of hard work the farmers put in to grow their crops with the help of extension officers, adding that he was confident that the region would scoop the first prize again this year.

The PACO stated that companies, such as Pioneer DuPont, who have continued to offloaded new maize seed varieties on the market, would create an opportunity for farmers to compete for a noble national cause.

Dr Kabinda noted that the seeds were approved and registered by Seed Certification and Control Institute (SCCI) under farm conditions for adaptability and sustainability for the country.

And Dr Kabinda has expressed happiness that most chiefs in the region were lead farmers, a situation he described as encouraging to small scale farmers in the region.

He stated that the commitment by traditional leaders towards farming had helped the province to be able to produce enough for both consumption and sale.

On Friday last week Pioneer DuPont unveiled a new hybrid variety P3812W at a National Field day in Chipata at Roderick Ngoma’s Farm in Chipata.