Let’s end conflicts in Africa, Lungu tells UN/AU summit (Retraction)

news Retraction


In Friday’s story (April 26th 2013)  ZANIS reported that Zambia says successful and effective conflict resolution in Africa should focus on addressing the root causes of wars in formulating strategies for peaceful resolution, prevention and interventions.The story reported that President Michael Sata said the mediation of conflict at various levels must focus on creating effective communication channels among the warring parties to cultivate trust and a negotiating spirit among them. The news Agency attributed  the story to a statement to the President Sata, in his message read for him by Home Affairs minister Dr Edgar Lungu,during the 193-UN Member States meeting on the conflict situation in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It has now come to light that it’s not Home Affairs minister Dr Edgar Lungu but Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Effron Lungu who read the speech on President Sata’s behalf. ZANIS therefore wishes to unreservedly apologise to Home Affairs minister Edgar Lungu, Dr Lungu himself and all affected parties that the story may have affected directly or indirectly.