Parliamentary committee on sport impressed with Khosa Stadium rehabs

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———–The parliamentary committee on youth and sport has expressed satisfaction with the way renovation works at Khosa Stadium in Kafue were going on.

Speaking when the MPs toured the stadium, which is run by the local authority, committee chairperson, Levison Ngoma, who is also MMD Sinda Member of Parliament, said his committee was impressed with the rehabilitation works at the stadium which have neared completion.

“The scripture states that when you are faithful when handling small things, God will reward you with big things. Truly what we are seeing today is amusing. We hope government will come in to supplement your efforts,” said Mr Ngoma.

Mr Ngoma said government attaches great importance to sport, adding that the committee will mobilize some funds to help the local authority finish rehabilitation works at the stadium.

And the committee has said it will recommend to government that some money given to Maramba Stadium be retrieved and given to Khosa Stadium because of unsatisfactory works at the Livingstone stadium.

Committee member, Brian Ntundu, who is UPND Gwembe Member of Parliament, said the committee got shocked when it learnt that putting up a borehole at Maramba stadium cost K150 million when the district council in Kafue only spent K30 million on sinking the borehole, fixing the pump and erecting the water tank.

Another committee member, Victoria Kalima, who is MMD Kasenengwa Member of Parliament, commended Kafue District Council for preventing further degradation of Khosa Stadium which had been neglected for years.

Ms Kalima said Maramba Stadium in Livingstone, which had received K 1 billion   from government, had nothing to compare to Khosa stadium, which was not government funded.

And speaking earlier, Kafue District Council Secretary, Morris Hichilema, who was flanked by the council chairperson, Catherine Chapeshamano, said the project was solely funded by the local authority.

Mr Hichilema stated that the council had so far spent over K250 million on erecting the wall fence around the stadium and drilling the borehole in order to improve water supply.

He added that the local authority will require another K250 million to finish all rehabilitation works which include putting flood lights to enable it host functions at night.