Choma council confiscates, destroys uncertified carcasses

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–The Choma Municipal Council has destroyed two carcasses seized from a leading supermarket in town.

Council Senior Health Inspector, Sandie Mkandawire, said the carcasses have been seized and destroyed for contravening public health regulations.

Mr Mkandawire said the law provides that animals should only be slaughtered in designated places and that meat should be inspected before being sold to the public.

He told ZANIS in Choma today that the local authority is worried at the sale of uninspected meat to the public.

Mr Mkandawire said the trend poses a health risk to the general public as the meat sold could transmit diseases if not certified fit for human consumption.

And Council Public Relations Officer, Robert Zawe, said the local authority will prosecute supermarkets that flout health regulations.

Mr Zawe said the council expects supermarkets to adhere to public health regulations.