ACC is an Independent body – Roswin Wandi

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ANTI-CORRUPTION Commission Director General Roswin Wandi has asked Zambians to maintain faith in the commission’s credibility to operate autonomously.

Wandi said fears that the ACC was operating under the influence of President Michael Sata was just wishful thinking, which should not be allowed to detract people’s faith in the commission.

She said this yesterday during a Copperbelt stakeholders’ meeting involving heads of Government departments and the civil organizations held at Moba Hotel in Kitwe.

“I want to assure you that the Anti-Corruption Commission is carrying out its mandate in accordance with the law and that there is no interference in the operations of the commission,” she said.

Wandi who was responding to concerns during the question and answer over President Sata’s request that the ACC should inform the Head of State when investigating senior officials of his Cabinet said that should in no way suggest there was interference in the operation of the commission.

Wandi’s assurance was echoed by ACC director community education, Festus Chipungu who said President Sata’s statement was only emphasizing on courtesy, which was normal in the conducting of investigations.

“The President Sata did not mean that we should be accountable to him. He just said as courtesy we should inform him because that is the normal way to conduct investigation as we do it even when we are investigating an office orderly, we have to inform the employer,”Chipungu said.