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—-The Lukanga Water and Sewarage Company (LgWSC) has handed over a multi-billion Kwacha project sites to Meltcast and Powerfelex contractors to enhance the construction of water and sewerage systems in Central Province.

In an interview with ZANIS in Kabwe today LgWSC, Public Relations Officer (PRO) Siwa Mwene, said the company has recently handed over the new Serenje junction Water Supply and Sanitation project worthy KR 20,812,244.15 to Meltcast Company Ltd.

Miss Mwene said the project scope of works at the new Serenje junction will include among others the construction of the elevated tank, citing and drilling of boreholes, laying of new networks and

She said it was the first time the company was embarking on such a project where both water and sanitation system was given much attention.

Ms Mwene added that once the project is completed, the new hospital, school, new housing units and the community around will be able to access clean water and good sanitation.

The PRO also said another site of a sanitation project costing KR4,639,496.56  to undertake a project in Kapiri-mposhi district which was awarded to Powerfelex Company has also been handed
over for commencement of works.

She further said the Kapiri-Mposhi project will include the connection to 384 houses, construction of a new sewerage system, and the procurement of sewer pumps.

She explained that the two projects were funded by the government through the Ministry of Local Government and Housing in an effort of providing clean water and good sanitation to all Zambians.

Ms Mwene said in Kabwe, Devolution Trust Fund has funded the water utility company total amount of KR1,000,053 to facilitate the Makululu water and sewerage project.

She said the water and sanitation works in Makululu will include the construction of water Kiosks to replace the stand taps to help curb vandalism and that over 100 individuals would be connected
to the metered system.

She added that the Kiosks would be in the hands of individuals who would be selling water on behalf of the utility company to prevent taps from being vandalized.

Ms Mwene said the Makululu Water and sanitation process will start with the sensitization program of the community so that they are knowledgeable and become responsible for the project, and that the site handover was yet to be made to the would-be tender winner.

She appealed to the stakeholders and the community to guard jealously the equipment which will be installed and that they should be the eyes of the government and ensure that contractors do commendable jobs in the three projects.

Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company was working towards a sustainable service to the people in Central Province to ensure that by 2015, everyone has clean water.