Govt reiterates commitment to good governance

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——-A senior government official in Kasama says government is committed to upholding the principles of good governance in the country.

Kasama District Commissioner, Kalanga Bwalya, says it is the desire of government to spread national resources equitably to speed up development in the nation.

Mr Bwalya said this during the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) workshop held at Provincial Conference hall in Kasama yesterday.

He said Zambia is ready to undergo a comprehensive assessment on issues of good governance democracy, economic management and social corporate governance.

The DC also said Zambia has been committed to the APRM process from inception to date.

And a member from National Governing Council (NGC) on APRM, Anna Imasiku, expressed happiness with the level of awareness among stakeholders in Kasama on issues of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM).

Ms Imasiku said the objectives and principles of APRM are targeted at attaining good governance in the nation.

She pointed out that the National Governing Council (NGC) on APRM will continue to involve Zambians on issues related to the implementation of National Programme of Action.