Chief Lukwesa irked by mealie meal smuggling

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——-Chief Lukwesa of the Lunda people in Mwense district has expressed concern at the rampant smuggling of meali meal to the Democratic
Republic of Congo (DRC) in his area.

Chief Lukwesa observed that there is too much smuggling of meali meal to the
neighbouring country, adding that if the situation is not controlled, people in his area will
be hit by hunger and poverty.

The traditional leader wondered how the commodity is being smuggled despite police presence in the area.

He has since called on police in the district to intensify their patrols and ensure that smugglers are brought to book.

And in another development, Chief Lukwesa has appealed to government workers to work together with traditional leaders in fostering national development.

Chief Lukwesa said traditional leaders are custodians of the land and that government workers should involve them in developmental programmes that government
is carrying out.

He said it is sad to note that some heads of departments in the district are carrying out some government projects in his chiefdom without his knowledge.