Former Southern Province Minister swaps Politics for Pulpit

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Former Southern Province Minister Lukulo Katombola  says he has officially retired from active politics to serve the pulpit.

Mr. Katombola said that he wants to concentrate on bringing the lost to Christ and addressing the plight of less privileged in society.

“It is high time that I leave politics to others as I am an elder in Church, I have decided that I should be above politics, I want to hang my political gloves,” the former minister said.

He said this morning at Maramba River lodge in Livingstone, during a press brief.

The former lawmaker Livingstone said his appointment as Southern province minister was the most joyous moment of his political life.

He said that government’s recent move to relieve his duties as provincial minister had simply pushed him to fulfill his destiny in life.

Mr. Katombola said that the saddest time in his life was when the media demonized him over things he had not done.

He added that it is sad when people spread propaganda that he had refused to move out the ministerial house and failed to surrender his official car whilst he had not used the facilities in question.

“President Sata had never fired me but he simply pushed me into my destiny by letting me to go into full time ministry,” he said.

Mr Katombola said that he was not bitter after he was sacked from his position as minister of the province.

He said he was a full time elder of Kingdom impact ministry.

United Party for National Development Livingstone district spokesperson Neto Halwabala said the history of the district’s politics will not be written without mention.

Mr Halwabala said the retirement has proved that it was not his calling to be in active politics.

And Patriotic Front Southern Province Political Secretary Brian Hapunda welcomed the decision as it was his democratic right to do so.

He said the Party wished him well in his found vocation to serve the people.

MMD constituency chairperson for Livingstone Friday Nkonde also echoed the views of welcoming the decision of the former lawmaker to serve God and humanity in another way.