State of NASDEC impresses MPs

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Parliamentary committee on youth and sports chairperson Levy Ngoma says he is happy with the face lift given to National Sports Development Centre  (NASDEC) after the zone six games.

Mr Ngoma said the zone six games which ended in December 2012 have left something to show case unlike previously when NASDC was in a deplorable state.

He said this when the parliamentary committee on youth and sports toured NASDEC in Lusaka to have an on the spot check on the facility.

And NASDEC vice chairperson Mwamba Mulenga said the premises is accessible to members of the public and teams at a fee in order to help with the rising costs of maintenance.

He explained that sports is vital to the development of the country and can significantly help reduce crime, improve the health of a nation, and also help achieve reduced anti-social behaviour in people.

Mr. Mulenga has since appealed to government to consider funding small sectors of sport like squash, table tennis among others because the future of sport in the country is bright.