-No fuel shortage-PS

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No fuel shortage-PS

Ndola, April 21, 2013, ZANIS – Government has assured the country that there is no shortage of fuel  despite Trafigura not offloading the commodity at Tazama Petroleum in Ndola.

A senior government official says this is there are enough stocks of fuel supply in the country.

 Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development Permanent Secretary said this when he visited Tazama Petroleum in Ndola yesterday.

Mr Zulu explained that there has been a high influx of fuel tankers arriving in the country hence the incidences of most of them being marooned at the plant in Ndola.

Mr  ZULU said the other cause of the prevailing situation at Tazama Petroleum was because of the mistrust by the supplier (Trafigura) who has not yet received the letter of offer of credit due to delays from some banks.

The permanent secretary however directed  Tazama Petroleum to send some trucks to Lusaka so that they could offload the commodity in readiness for the commissioning of the reserve tanks next month.

He commended truck drivers for their patience and urged them to guard the flammable trucks to avoid a serious accident.

 And Tazama Petroleum General Manager PATRICK MUSENYESA said the arrival of fuel tankers is beyond the capacity of Tazama Petroleum.

Mr Musenyesa however pointed that  the recent closure of Nakonde border post due to confusion on the Tanzanian arising from religious fighting between Christians and Muslims  led to the high influx of fuel tankers into the country.

Mr Musenyesa said the situation at the plant is expected to get back to normal soon as by yesterday about 230 tankers had offloaded the commodity.