Charity homes urged to put God in their works

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Cheshire Home of Devine Providence Assistant Head Angela Milonska has urged charity homes to make God their main focus in their charity work.


Speaking when she received a donation of clothes, exercise books, and food from Santa Maria Queen of Peace Aged Home in Lusaka today, Sr Angela said the focus of charity should not be on the quality of material things a person is able to give but the heart they give it with.


She said Cheshire is doing its best to alleviate the conditions of the aged and vulnerable in society despite the home facing financial challenges in meeting its goal.


Sr Angela thanked Santa Maria Queen of Peace Aged Home for the kind gesture, urging them to depend on God to help them touch the lives of the vulnerable people countrywide.


And Santa Maria Queen of Peace Aged Home Vice Chairperson Trevor Mukelabai said his organisation is committed to helping the disadvantaged in society.


Mr Mukelabai thanked the corporate world whom he said play a big role in alleviating the conditions of the vulnerable through social responsibility.


He said Santa Maria Queen of Peace Aged Home was proud to partner with another charity home in helping the needy.