BRE calls youths to participate in traditional matters

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—The Baroste Royal Establishment (BRE) says in order to preserve culture and tradition, youths have to take part in matters of their tradition.

BRE Acting Ngambela, Induna Kalonga Lifuna Sisii, while flagging off the Kuomboka 2013 Regatta Paddling Competition in Lealui area in Limulunga district, explained that the BRE will not relent in supporting activities that uphold the Lozi tradition.

Induna Kalonga, who was accompanied by Induna Namuyamba and Induna Muyumbana, advised the 142 participants – both male and female – to continue upholding the Lozi culture through such sporting activities.

The participants in the regatta paddling competition paddled from the Lealui summer home of the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II to Mongu District, covering a15 kilometre distance.

Meanwhile, the traditional royal drums (maoma) were yesterday beaten at around 22:45 hours in Lealui by some named Indunas.

The beating of the Maoma is a signal to all the paddlers in the province to rush to Lealui Royal Palace to prepare for the Kuomboka Ceremony and this is done a day in between before the actual day of the Kuomboka Ceremony.

The Kuomboka 2013, which will be graced by  republican Vice President, Guy Scott is being held on 20th April 2013.