Meanwood residents demand roads, withdraw electricity and water demands

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RESINDENTS of three housing projects under the Meanwood property development scheme have admitted that their contracts had nothing to do with the supply of electricity and water.
The residents have, however, insisted that Meanwood Property Development Corporation Limited has not constructed roads.
Housing projects chairman for Ndeke, Vorna Valley and Kwamwena, Michael Chileshe, says the agreement with Meanwood Property Development Corporation is to do the development of roads while electricity and water are being provided by Chongwe District Council.
Mr Chileshe says however that it is sad that Meanwood has not developed the roads as agreed.
“The roads are in a bad state and become a death trap during the rainy season,” he said.
But, Meanwood Property Development Corporation said the construction of roads is an on-going process and the firm will work closely with relevant Government authorities and stakeholders in addressing the issues surrounding the development of roads.
Mr Chileshe explained that Meanwood has for the last eight years promised to work on the road network in the residential areas yet nothing has been done apart from basic grading.
“It has been eight years since the promoter [Meanwood] promised to work on the roads. Meanwood only grades the roads every rainy season and abandons the works when it stops raining,” he said.
He said Meanwood Property Development Corporation should explain the kind of roads it will develop in the residential areas, adding that the residents are not happy with the state of roads.
Mr Chileshe also called on Meanwood to quickly work on the roads.