Cheating Oil Marketing Companies exposed

Gas Pump

Mines, Energy and Water Development Permanent Secretary George Zulu has exposed has exposed illegal practices by some Oil Marketing Companies (OMC’s) who have been mixing diesel with Kerosene which they later sell to unsuspecting motorists in order to maximize on their profits.

Speaking to QFM News Mr Zulu has since called upon the Energy Regulation Board to immediately get to the bottom of the matter before vehicle engines are damaged.

Mr. Zulu has described the development as very sad as it is endangering the lifespan of vehicle engines and in turn the lives of the Zambian people.

He says the practice has also contributed to the shortage of Jet fuel because OMC’s are trying to mix it and sell it at very high prices.

The Permanent Secretary has urged the ERB to move in and bring to book oil marketing companies who are cheating Zambians.

Mr. Zulu has also warned that OMC’s found engaging in such illegal practices risk having their licenses withdrawn.