State committed to cluster munitions convention

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Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Ambassador Peter Kasanda says Zambia is committed to domesticating the convention on Cluster Munitions.

Amb. Kasanda said Zambia has been encouraged by the efforts made by all State Parties in ensuring that the convention on Cluster Munitions and its provisions are implemented in accordance with the Vientiane and Accra Action Plans.

Amb. Kasanda also said the country is cheered by the efforts made by the State Parties such as Argentina, Australia, Chad, Liechtenstein and Nauru to popularise the convention.

ZANIS reports that Amb. Kasanda was speaking at the Ongoing Intercessional talks of the Convention on Cluster Munitions in Geneva, Switzerland today.

Amb. Kasanda said it is encouraging to see many countries become State Parties to the convention on cluster munitions in order to amplify the voice in denouncing the production, stockpiling and use of destructive weapons.

Meanwhile, Amb. Kasanda has called on the State Parties of the convention on Cluster Munitions to assist Zambia in providing the necessary guidance through timely and correct reporting so that the country can achieve the objectives of the convention.

Ambassador Kasanda however expressed concern at the pace of achieving universality on the convention and called on member states to bring on board new ideas aimed at accelerating the pace of domesticating the convention.

The Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) is an international treaty that addresses the humanitarian consequences and unacceptable harm to civilians caused by cluster munitions, through a categorical prohibition and a framework for action.

The Convention prohibits all use, production, transfer and stockpiling of cluster munitions and also establishes a framework for cooperation and assistance to ensure adequate care and rehabilitation to survivors and their communities, clearance of contaminated areas, risk reduction education and destruction of stockpiles.