Zesco to improve power supply to Kasempa


—Zesco is planning to undertake enhancement works on the Solwezi-Kasempa 66 kilovolt power line with the aim of improving electricity provision services to customers in Kasempa.


Zesco Managing Director, Cyprian Chitundu, maintained that the maintenance activities are aimed at improving the transmission line’s earthing, installation systems and optical fibre communication systems.


According to a letter sent to Kasempa District Commissioner, Mr Chitundu explained that the installation of optical fibre communication system on the voltage line is crucial in the effective operation, monitoring and control of the transmission line.


He further said residents of Kasempa should prepare for three days of power outages in a week from 22ND April to the month-end of May 2013 and assured customers of reliable power supply system once maintenance works are completed.


Mr Chitundu believes that reliable power supply system to Solwezi and Kasempa will stimulate growth of commerce and the agricultural sector resulting in improved livelihood of the affected communities.


Mr Chitundu noted that the optical fibre communication system that would be installed would also be available for use by the general public and hence help narrow the digital dividend resulting in the reduction of the cost of doing business.


He has since requested the office of the District Commissioner to facilitate for public enlightenment and support for the planned works by the power utility company.


“To minimize the effects of outages to our customers, the works will be done for three days in a week from morning to 17:00hours,” he explained.