Shoddy road works irk Kafue residents

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—–Residents of Kaseba area in Kafue are complaining over the dust that was being caused by motorists due to the poor grading of the Kaseba road by the district council .

And District Commissioner Grace Ngulube has described the works carried out on the Kaseba road as shoddy and has since called for a meeting with councillors and council officials.

Speaking to ZANIS on behalf of the residents when Mrs Ngulube toured the area after receiving several complaints about the dust that was coming from the road as a result of shoddy workmanship by the local authority, Harry Malambo lamented that the road had become a health hazard to the residents of Kafue east due to the high incidences of chest complaints.

Mr Malambo said that residents in the area have not been opening windows of their houses after the local authority graded the road and that  the road was better before it was graded as vehicles would pass without difficulties.

And Mrs Ngulube said she will hold a meeting with Councillors and the local authority next week to find out why they have done shoddy works on most of their projects.

Mrs Ngulube stated that people in Kafue were very worried about the poor workmanship on most projects in the district despite the PF government’ commitment to do proper works and loot out corruption.

She added that works on the Kaseba road were sub standard and instructed the local authority to immediately apply gravel on top of the road if residents were to appreciates its works on the road.

But Kafue District Council Director of Works Stanley Chanda said the local authority had not yet completed working on the road saying the council will in the next two weeks start applying gravel on the road and that works on the three kilometre stretch will finish next month.

Mr Chanda said that the council had just finalized tendering procedures involving the procurement of two tip trucks from Tata Motors which will be used to carry gravel to be used for township roads.

He disclosed that the local authority has used the balance from last year’s Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and the current CDF to buy the two trucks.