Ready for Marriage season 4 launched

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Zambia’s private owned television station Muvi TV yesterday launched the famous reality TV show season 4 amplified “Ready for Marriage” programme.

The colourful launch took place in Lusaka at Golden bridge hotel last evening.

The season 4 reality TV show will be viewed by viewers across Africa via satellite.

Ready for Marriage reality TV show has commanded a large following among viewers in Zambia and neighbouring Malawi.

The amplified reality TV show will feature more than ten couples who will compete for different prestigious prizes.

And Amone Ngoma who has been in marriage for 68 years advised the contesting couples to cherish each other if their marriages are to stand the test of time.

Mr Ngoma said strong love should be the bases of every relationship a couple enters.

He appealed to couples to refrain from engaging in extramarital affairs.



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