Veep attributes under development to MMD rule

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Veep attributes under development to MMD rule

Lukulu, April 13 ZANIS—Republican Vice President Dr Guy Scott says the country lagged behind in terms of development because of the massive corruption that was perpetuated by the former government of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).

Dr Scott said huge sums of money which was meant for development in the nation landed into wrong hands by ruthless leaders who looted the funds for their selfish motives.

Dr Scott said this yesterday during a vigorous campaign trail to drum up support for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Eillen Imbwae in Kanshishi, Manjolo, and Mumbumbu wards in the  newly created Mitete district in Likulu West constituency in Western Province.

The Vice president said corruption is a cancer to the nation because the vice retards development.

And Dr Scott has urged traditional leaders in the nation to help the PF government in fighting corruption.

He said it is high time government curtails and bring sanity in the nation because Zambians are expecting a lot from government.

He said Zambians should not worry under the PF government because President Sata is the father of democracy in the country and won’t tolerate corruption.

Dr Scott also promised the people from the three wards of relief food should they face the deficit of the staple food in the constituency.

He said having worked under the MMD government during the Chiluba regime he knows very well the resources of the nation were not applied appropriately hence the reason why the President Sata and him left the party to form the PF.

He further stated that the ruling party is the engine of development and warned the electorates in Lukulu not to vote for the opposition candidate on April 23, 2013.

Dr Scott said it is only the ruling government which is able to secure development in the country because they have resources to develop the nation.

The Vice President also told the people of Lukulu West that the PF administration will ensure that development is taken closer to the people of Mitete district.

And PF candidate for the Lukulu West By-elections Eilleen Imbwae said the PF is the only party which is able to uplift the living standards of Zambians.

Ms Imbwae said once voted as MP she’ll ensure that she works tirelessly for the electorates in the area.

She further appealed to the electorates to give her 100 per cent votes on April 23, 2013.

Ms imbwae who spoke in Luvale to the electorates said people shouldn’t experiment with leaders who won’t work for them but only satisfy themselves.