Taxi driver’s body finally found

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Police is Choma have managed to find the body of a Taxi driver of Kamuza Compound in Choma who reportedly went missing on February 18.

Police Spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela told ZANIS in a statement in Lusaka today that the body of Lubinda Sitali was discovered yesterday April 12 in Mbabala area in Choma.

Ms Kanjela said the body was discovered in a decomposed state by some people who were slashing along the roadside around 09:00 hours with the head two meters away.

She said the deceased has since been buried with the grave marked “to be exhumed”.

Ms Kanjela thanked members of the public for working tirelessly with the police and assured them that the police were doing everything possible to bring the culprits to book.

Meanwhile, the Police Spokesperson disclosed that following false information that police had apprehended people suspected to have murdered the Taxi driver, some members of the public descended on police officers demanding that the said suspects be handed over to them.

She said the same group had blocked some roads in Choma, burnt tyres and threatened to riot, but that the police however managed to control the situation.

Ms Kanjela stated that it was sad that the people acted in the manner they did and she has since urged members of the public to desist from taking the law into their hands but should instead give the police the chance to carry out its duties without interference.

She further warned all the unruly people who are in the habit of rushing to the streets to cause confusion whenever they feel there is an opportunity that they shall be dealt with sternly as lawlessness in the country will not be tolerated.