Women clubs in Gwembe district receive KR53,200 grant

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———-A total of ten women clubs in Gwembe
District have received government grants to enable them engage in income generating activities to alleviate poverty.

Government through the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and
Child Health, and Ministry of Gender and Child Development has
disbursed a total of KR53,200 to the ten different women clubs this

One of the women clubs, in addition to the KR800 grant also received a
hammer mill in accordance to the club’s project proposal.

Gwembe District Commissioner, Alice Mwiinga has advised the recipients
of government funding to put the money to good use.

Ms. Mwiinga said the district is likely to face hard times owing to
the poor rains that have contributed to failed crop yields and added
that income generating activities will enable women to cope with the
imminent hunger.

She said there is need for women clubs to re-organise themselves to
meet the challenges ahead and has commended government for considering
Gwembe women clubs with grants.