Chipata DC warn heads of Departments against shunning meetings

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———–Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu has warned District Heads of Government and Parastatal organizations that shun District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) meetings.

Mr Zulu said that district heads that shun meetings would be disciplined for not attending meetings which he said were the engine of development.

Speaking through District Administrative Officer Masauso Banda at a DDCC meeting held at Chipata Municipal Council Chamber in Chipata yesterday, Mr Zulu stressed the importance of both government and NGOs to change their work culture and deliver to according to people’s expectations.

“People expect us to plan and foster development in the area, that can only be done when we attend meetings which are part of our mandate as district heads,” he added.

He said those that have continued to avoid meetings should expect written charges as a measure to bring sanity to service delivery in the district.

He stated that it was not by mistake that people were in those positions but should appreciate and work to the best of their ability to accelerate development in the area.

“We can only implement if we have active sub committees that are active, negative attitudes will not take us anywhere,” Mr Zulu said.