Chief Shimbizhi of Itezhi-Tezhi condemns Gay activists

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– Chief Shimbizhi of the Ila people in Itezhi tezhi District in central province has strongly condemned people advocating gay rights.


Chief Shimbizhi said homosexuality is an abomination and the traditional leadership and political leaders must rise against such practices.


Commenting on  the recent  Muvi Television program ‘ The assignment’ which featured   Paul Kasonkomona who was advocating  gay rights, Chief Shimbizhi  said  that his heart was burning  to learn that gay rights activists are now being given  media attention.


Chief Shimbizhi was speaking at His Lubanda palace when Deputy Minister in the office of the Vice President Davies Mwango and Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Greyford Monde paid a courtesy call on him.


“The traditional leadership is opposed to leaders engaged in advocating unchristian activities such as homosexuality and abortion. It is a taboo which even animals condemn,” Chief Shimbizhi said.


Chief Shimbizhi said that he was very disgusted to watch on TV about one activist promoting gay rights, a practice which he said is prohibited in the penal code.


“Traditional and political leaders that believe in Christianity should condemn   the statements made by that activist because the bible condemns it as an abomination,” he said.


Chief Shimbizhi said that biblical teachings do not allow homosexuality and that people should ensure that the minority rights being proposed in the new constitution should exclude homosexuality.


 “We are disappointed with such people coming out to speak about homosexuality as if there are no Laws. This is alien to Zambia’s traditional values. This is a Christian nation, so it is unthinkable that any leader can promote such things,” Chief Shimbishi said.

Chief Shimbizhi said even if homosexuality is being promoted and practiced elsewhere, it does not mean it should be allowed in Zambia. He said well meaning Zambians should ensure that gay rights are not enshrined in the republican Constitution.