Mealie Meal shortage is ridiculous – Saunders

Dante Saunders

Political Activist Dante Saunders has called the current shortage of mealie meal shortages in some parts of the country ridiculous.

Speaking when he featured on Flava fm radio’s special program dubbed “Community view point” Saunders accused the PF government for being reluctant to address concerns raised by the poor in the country.

“This is ridiculous to have the situation in this country where mealie meal prices is so high and unaffordable to the people and you read not from private but state controlled media that more mealie meal is being given to Tanzania, Zimbabwe and we don’t care about keeping stocks for ourselves” Saunders explained

He however noted that he cannot forgive republican President Micheal Sata for failing to deliver to the poor people. Saunders has however questioned the crop of leadership by the Current Patriotic Front Government.

The political Activist said the current government has decided to continue appointing old people in leadership positions at the expense of many youths in the country. He has further bemoaned the appointment of Daniel Munkombwe as Southern province minister stressing that Munkombwe should be in the archives for references.

“I want to support the younger generation who will take this country forward” Saunders said.

Saunders says if President Sata wanted to honour people of Southern province he should have picked on a more youthful leader.

And Speaking on the same program political Analyst Billy Simuyemba accused the PF government of failing to provide employment opportunities for many Zambians in the country.

Simuyemba observed that Zambia has continued exporting jobs to foreign countries.

“As we continue exporting our resources in raw material form we are creating employment for other people who process our resources in foreign countries” Simuyembe observed.

He however says there is need to create employment for the youths in the country.