Lukulu west by-election campaigns going on well-Libongani

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Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani has disclosed that campaigns ahead for the Lukulu West parliamentary by-elections were going on well and peacefully.

Ms. Libongani said police were however not taking any chances by were tightening security despite the peaceful environment in the constituency.

She said police were prepared to diligently carry out their duties during the by-elections in Lukulu and has since encouraged all political parties to campaign freely.

She said police presence will be reinforced towards the day of by-elections in order to preserve peace and security.

The IG said people should not feel intimidated by the already 50 police officers in the district saying they were there for security purpose during the by-elections.

Ms. Libongani was in the province visiting and checking on routine operation areas.

Meanwhile, Western Province Police Commissioner Fanwell Siandenge has said police in the region have not received any reports of violence from all parties involved.

Ms. Libongani toured four districts which are Lukulu, Mongu, Senanga and Kaoma.