Non performers will be retired

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Non performers will be retired

Kabwe, April 10, ZANIS —– Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister, Forrie Tembo says his ministry will retire, in national interest, local government officers who fail to perform according to government expectations.

Mr Tembo said this is because the Patriotic Front (PF) government has no time to waste as it only has a five year mandate in which to deliver development to the people.

Speaking when he met Kabwe Municipal Council Management in Kabwe yesterday, Mr Tembo said his office will not tolerate laissez-faire attitude in the local authority because there are high expectations among the general public, with regards to development.

The Deputy Minister, who is in charge of Local Government, Administration and Decentralisation said his ministry has spawned performance contracts to gauge performance and ensure efficiency in the local authority and thus, it will ensure that non-performing officers are laid off and replaced with energetic people who will show interest in ensuring service delivery.

“As a ministry, we are ready to retire, in national interest, senior management officers and other officers who lack the zeal to perform in accordance with government expectations because we do not want to perpetually keep people in offices when, practically, they have nothing to offer,” he said.

And Mr Tembo has warned the Local Authority against engaging in illegal land allocation, saying the government will not tolerate corruption and that it will not compromise when council workers are found wanting.

He said his ministry is already aware that there are about 400 illegal land allocations in Kabwe and that government is already pursuing the matter through the investigative wings.

“As government we are aware that most of our officers are engaging in illegal land allocation particularly for Kabwe, we know for a fact that, about 400 illegal plots and buildings have been allocated. Let me warn you against continued illegal land allocations because as most of you are aware, we are pursuing this matter and we will not compromise. We shall ensure that all those involved in corrupt practices are brought to book,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister has directed Kabwe Municipal Council to ensure that street lights are erected at designated points with immediate effect.

He said his ministry disbursed KR5000 in December last year for the local authority to undertake the task and wondered why the lights have not been erected up to now.

“You see, I am disappointed that there is still no sign of street lights in Kabwe despite my ministry disbursing a total sum of KR5000 for that purpose. What is wrong with this Council? Why is the town still dark? I need an explanation on this and Mr Town Clerk, please ensure that this is done immediately,” he commanded.

Mr Tembo said he is generally disappointed with the manner in which local authorities are operating because despite the efforts made by government to ensure efficiency, most of them remain relaxed and thereby frustrating government efforts.

He appealed to the council workers to change their attitudes towards work and perform to standard, saying the Zambians are tired of escalating dirty and disorder in the country as they expect and deserve a clean and orderly environment.