Munkombwe seeks development support from Czech Republic

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Munkombwe seeks development support from Czech Republic



Choma, April 9, 2013, ZANIS ——–Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has called for development assistance from the Czech Republic in the agriculture and infrastructure sectors.


Mr. Munkombwe has also requested the Czech government to consider increasing the number of scholarships for Zambian students to study in that country.


Mr Munkombwe was speaking in his office in Choma today when Harare based Czech Ambassador to Zambia, Petr Stary, paid a courtesy call on him.


He said Choma is presently experiencing infrastructural challenges to house various government ministries and departments that have been relocated from Livingstone after the transformation of the district into a new provincial capital for the southern province.


The Minister says more infrastructure is needed to accommodate government institutions so that they are able to operate properly.


Mr Munkombwe told Ambassador Stary that southern province also needs training institutions to be set up so as to help accelerate development in the area.


He says the Zambian government appreciates the development assistance from Czech Republic.


He said the people of southern province would also want more technical help in the area of agriculture.


And Ambassador Petr Stary told Mr Munkombwe that his country is implementing a number of development cooperation projects in southern and western provinces in various fields.


Ambassador Stary said his country will continue cooperating with Zambia because of the good working relationship between the two countries.


The Czech Ambassador is in southern province to check on development projects supported by his government.