Chinsali couple abandons two months old baby

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—————A two months old baby in Chinsali District of Muchinga Province was over the weekend abandoned by its parents after a domestic quarrel.


Amos Mulenga, 26, and Rona Chisanga 31, both of Kabuta village in Chief Nkula`s area who had gone on a drinking spree together abandoned their baby who was later found in a drainage about four kilometers away from their home.


In a dramatic turn of events, Mulenga who pretended not be the father of the baby reported the matter to Chinsali police station that he had spotted a baby lying in drainage. 

Mulenga told the police that he had found a baby in the drainage near Lombe Private School.


But police investigations later revealed that Mulenga was the father to the abandoned baby and has since been arrested for giving false information to the police and for assaulting his wife.


Mulenga revealed to the police that his wife Chisanga usually gave her baby sleeping pills called piriton and dumped her before going to drink beer.


Mulenga further accused his wife of leaving her baby every night and only returns home the following morning. 


But Ms. Chisanga denied having abandoned her baby saying after her husband beat her, he went away with the baby and came back without it.


She explained that when she questioned him about the where about of the baby, he told her that he left the baby with one of the relatives. 


And Paul Kasonga, a nurse working in Obstetrics and Gynaecological ward at Chinsali District Hospital told ZANIS that the baby was brought in around midnight on Saturday by two Chinsali police officers and that the mother of the baby was not known by that time.


And Chinsali District Commissioner (DC) Evelyn Kangwa who rushed to the hospital around 05:00hours on Sunday expressed sadness over the incidence. 


The District Commissioner complained about failure by some women to give parental care to their babies and indulge themselves in beer drinking.


Ms. Kangwa said such behaviours affected the upbringing of children and cannot be condoned in society. 

She said that she is happy that Mulenga, the baby`s father has been apprehended and is in Police custody for assaulting his wife and giving false information to the police.


She said it is the duty of parents to take care of their children and provide the right parental care.