Accountants warned

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Accountants warned

Kasama, April 8, ZANIS ——– Accountant General Dick Chellah has strongly cautioned Accountants serving in government to refrain from corrupt practices or risk being dismissed from the civil service.

Speaking when he addressed accounting personnel in Kasama yesterday, Mr Chellah said his office will not protected erring accountants from prosecution in the public service if found wanting.

He said he will work hard to make sure the image of accounting staff in government is restored by flashing those involved in illegal activities such as corruption.

Mr Chellah urged Accountants in government to serve the Zambian people in a professional manner.

He observed that accountants like other professions have ethics that needed to be upheld at all times.

Mr Chellah pledged to improve the working conditions of Accountants in the public service in order to motivate them in their noble work.

The Accountant General assured accounting personnel in the civil service that newly signed collective agreement between government and the unions will normalize the salary disparities previously complained of.

And in a vote of thanks, an accounting officer at the provincial administration Charles Chipili thanked the Accountant General Dick Chellah for holding an interactive meeting with accounting staff serving in government institutions in Northern province.

Mr Chipili observed that it is the first time in very long time that Accountants in the public service were having an opportunity to meet their top most superior.

He urged Mr Chellah to continue with his work of rebranding accounts unit in government in order to protect the image of the accounting profession.

Mr Chipili further pledged the commitment of all accounting staff in the province in observing ethical standards governing their profession.