Public service transport to change color to Orange

Taxi Zambia
Taxi Zambia

ALL Passenger public service vehicles to be painted with Orange line of ten centimeters across the body.

Transport and Communications Deputy minister Panji Kaunda disclosed  during a press briefing at his office that all public passengers vehicles would be painted with orange lines across the body to curb individual and companies who use their vehicles for hire or reward for a conveyance of goods or passengers or both without road service licensing being force.

“Among the notorious culprits are the pirate taxis or cars that are being used for conveyance of passengers on hired as taxis without licensed as such, this has increased influx of individuals and companies to transport good or passengers without permit,” Panji said.

He said the epidemic has grown to the levels that have led to recent protests from those that duly licensed,

“The most embarrassing and distressing situation about these vehicles is that most of them, from the findings of the government are operated and owned by government employees including law enforcement officers like the police that are supposed to arrest the situation but would only do so when RATSA is around,” said Panji

Panji also said operators who own more than 30 passengers public service vehicles will be at liberty to seek exemption from the director of RATSA from the above color and adopt their own corporate color and luxury buses and coaches will be exempted from the above requirement.

He said taxi cabs will further be fitted with a taxi illuminating lamp and a display the designed taxi fleet code, and for all public passenger vehicles that are already painted in blue color will be given a grace period of one year to migrate to the new color code from date of effect of new color.

He however urged those pirating or using public service vehicles for hire or reward without the road service license being in force that they will not be spared unless they comply once the new regulation comes to effect and he  instructed the law enforcement officers and RATSA to enforce the law without fail fail.