Dandy Krazy confesses to marijuana lifestyle, asks for help to be a better person

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REPENTANT Wesley Chibamba aka Dandy krazy finally confessed for having been smoking marijuana for 26 years of his life.

Dandy 36, who was last month arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission for trafficking in cannabis, turned his show at east point Nevada in Chilenje last Friday into a platform to review his lifestyle and for how long he has been smoking marijuana and sensitize youths who attended the show in view of having fan with the music of the ‘Dibili dibili’ sensation.

During his performance Dandy took about half an hour to off music just to share his experience during his arrest, he urged his fans to give him support with his new personality and help his dancers whom he referred to as his children,

Mubafweko abana bandi ba bush baby lintu nali mujele tabale fola, naine ama   rent nama bill ku ng’anda na yanina so mutwafwe (help my shildren the bush babies, they haven’t been getting their salaries since  was in jail, my bills and rentals at home have increased too) so  help me be a better person today for a better Zambia,” he said

In an interview before the show Dandy who avoided talking about the experience in police custody said he was not a jail person.

“Am not a jele boy, I have learnt my lesson, smoking marijuana is not good for any person, this is why I will use this opportunity to sensitize the youths about drug abuse and other bad vices, am also working with an NGO to sensitize youths about drug abuse in various parts of the country, but don’t ask me too many questions unless you want me to cry, jail is not good place to be,” said Dandy.

Dandy made his second appearance at Lusaka’s east point Nevada in Chilenje last Friday after his first massive show the previous week in the same area at Ikon club days after he was slapped with a suspended sentence by the court with his new look without dreadlocks.


  1. This is indeed an interesting read. Thanks for sharing this one. Its impressive he's been doing it for a long time.