Kaundula land dispute resurfaces

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—-Residents of the western part of Chief Kaundula’s Chiefdom in Luano District, have denied that their area is part of Kaundula Farm Block.

Spokesperson for the residents, Goliath Kapemba, told ZANIS that the residents have affirmed that the western part of this Chiefdom was not part of the Kaundula Farm Block.

Mr  Kapemba said the residents felt compelled to issue this statement following reports that were circulating in the area suggesting that the area was located on the expanse of Kaundula Farm Block.

He elaborated that the area in contention was located on the western part of the main Kaundula road.

He said as far as the residents were concerned, the areas that are encompassed by the Kaundula Farm Block did not cross the Nkomashi River.

Mr Kapemba stated that to this effect, the Kaundula Royal Establishment was appealing to the Surveyor General’s office to help address this issue by referring to the 1958 map for traditional domains.

He said such a move would help bring clarity to theissue as the Kaundula Chiefdom had three neighbouring Chiefdoms.

He said that recent attention to this matter from the Mkushi  district administration had revealed that the Kaundula Farm Block stretched from Kaloko area in Kaundula to the Chabuluma Stream in Chief Kaneshya.

Mr Kapemba claimed that residents were increasingly becoming uneasy with reports circulating in the area, which purported that the western part of Kaundula Chiefdom was part of the Kaundula Farm Block.

He pointed out that there was need to accord this issue with urgency, adding that they were adamant in their refusal to be part of Kaundula Farm Block.

During a recent visit to Kalubula area, Mkushi District Commissioner (DC), Christopher Chibuye, assured the residents that he would relay the matter to the Provincial Administration.

Mr Chibuye had pledged to follow this matter up with highly placed authorities, saying the Mkushi District Administration would do everything possible to erase fears of eviction that are stemming from amongst Kaundula residents.

He had, however, bemoaned the trend in which land prospectors acquired land in the district without the involvement of authorities at District administration.

The DC said such a trend was contrary to the normal procedure in which land prospectors liaised with authorities such as the District Administration as well as Council.

Mr Chibuye said he had since instructed residents to relay information to his office regarding any land prospector who acquired land in the area.

He defended this directive, explaining that the move would help District Administration to keep track of land prospectors who had acquired land via the proper channel.