Producer from Germany to produce The smoke that thuders movie

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

THE “Smoke that thunders” is the title of the Zambian movie a German movie producer is producing as a way of promoting Zambia’s tourism and the mighty Victoria Falls.
Thilo Graf Rothkirch is a Germany movie producer who has decided to make a movie that would depict Zambia’s tourism which he feels has not been given the attention it deserves.
Rothkirch said in an interview that he had already convinced a Hollywood composer to help with the production of the movie that could also be used to market Zambia’s tourism and culture.
“We will use Zambian top actors for this movie. We want it to have an original Zambian touch to it. The movie will represent Zambia’s arts and culture because I feel nothing much has been done,” Rothkirch said.
“Why can’t we have a movie about David Livingstone? Or just a movie about Zambia I must believe that there are a lot of people out there who want to do this with me. I’m talking about the rich Zambian guys who can be willing to help with finances to have this production done.”
He said the movie would need the help of big Zambian companies and individuals who were willing to have the country’s rich history preserved through a movie.
He said he had already approached Zambeef, Zambia Sugar and Zambia Breweries who gave him positive responses but added that there was need for companies and individuals to come on board.
“I already met with the minister of tourism Sylvia Masebo and she is very excited about the idea she wants to see the movie done,” Rothkirch said
Rothkirch who is married to a Zambian  has already produced a 20 minutes trailer of the movie showcasing the highlights and a song composed in Hollywood playing on the background that would be played at the closing ceremony of the United Nations World Tourism Organization conference in Livingstone.
He has productions with Warner Bros and has done children productions such as The Little Polar Bear and Laura’s Star.