Govt to solve socio-economic challenges in Kapiri – Scott

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–Government says it is aware of the challenges the people of Kapiri-mposhi are facing and it will ensure delivery of meaningful development to all areas in the district.

Vice President, Guy Scott,  said this when he addressed a rally in Chipepo area in Kapiri-Mposhi district to drum up support for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate, Eddie Musonda, ahead of the  April 23 by-elections.

Dr Scott said government will distribute fertilizers and other farming inputs to small scale farmers in the next farming season in a more transparent way.

He urged farmers in the area to form small groups of cooperatives for easy access of the inputs as opposed to the former system which benefitted a few selfish briefcase individuals who could not share the inputs evenly.

He said he was aware about the farming challenges in the area which were created by the army worms and poor rainfall, adding that his office, in conjunction with Disaster Management Mitigation Unit (DMMU), will assess the extent of food problem and assist according to the need.

Dr Scott warned the people of Kapiri-Mposhi against believing in the circulating rumours which allege that President Michael Sata is ill, adding that the President was in good health and currently attending meeting in China, a reason why he cannot be at the rally.

He said President Sata will next weekend be in Kapiri-mposhi for a campaign rally, and that those that were interested in seeing him in good health should attend his rally.

Dr Scott appealed to the people of Kapiri Mposhi not to waste their time by voting for UPND candidate, Lawrence Zimba, but to vote for PF candidate, Eddie Musonda, if they wanted their area to be enhanced in development.

And Area councillor, Bernard Liteta, said Chipepo people were facing a lot of challenges such as poor road network and lack of effective health facilities where pregnant women walk long distances to deliver and in most cases deliver on the way.

Mr Liteta said another challenge was hunger and appealed to the government to assist people in the area with food relief.

He said the area experienced poor rainfall and shortage of farming inputs which has brought about poor crop production.

The vice president was in Kapiri-Mposhi to drum up support for the PF candidate, Eddie Musonda, ahead of the April 23 by-election after the Supreme Court nullified Lawrence Zimba’s (MMD) election as MP after court appeal by PFs Eddie Musonda.

The PF, UPND and UNIP are contesting the by-election.

The PF has re-adopted Eddie Musonda, the opposition UPND has  Lawrence Zimba, and UNIP has floated Francis Phiri.